Nathan Hale Elementary School


Our Faculty & Staff  


Ms. Iles-Gomez  Principal/Office  Email:
Brian Yracheta

 Assistant Principal/214  Email:

Mrs. Mazzia  Administrative Assistant/Office Email:
Mrs. Spencer  Administrative Assistant/Office  Email:

 Support Staff

Mrs. Honkisz  Counselor/103  Email:
Ms. Hicks

 Case Manager/314  Email:

Occupational Therapist/ 214 Email: 

Ms. Coleman  Social Worker/116  Email: 
Ms. Tommer  Nurse/116 Email:
Ms. Fearon Psychologist
Mrs. Harnedy Resource/330  Email:
Mrs. Quinn Speech Pathologist/214  Email:


 Kindergarten-Eighth Grade Staff

Ms. Urbinati

 Room 216/Eighth Grade Math Email:   Mrs Urbinati's Website

Mrs. Rickman-Williams

Room 215/Eighth Language Arts  Email:        Ms. William's Homework Blog                        Grammar Correction Sheet           

Mrs. Veleta

Room 219/Seventh & Eighth Grade Science     Email:     Ms. Veleta's Homework Blog

Ms. Graham Room 217/Learning Behavior Specialist 7 & 8   Ms. Graham's Homework Blog
Mrs. Havelka Room 242/Seventh Language Arts    - Email:    Mrs. Havelka's Homework Blog
Mrs. Treacy Room 221/Seventh & Eighth Grade Social Studies    Email:  Mrs. Treacy's Homework Blog
Mr. McCarthy Room 223/Seventh Grade Math           McCarthy's Website  
Ms. Mikos Room 316/Sixth Grade Science Social Studies     Email:     Ms. Mikos's Homework Blog              
Mrs. Ilkanic

Room 317/Sixth Grade Math -Email:                Mrs. Ilkanic's Homework

Mrs. Muir

Room 315/Sixth Grade Language Arts - Email:            Mrs. Muir's Homework Blog         Word Analysis   Myths Rubric  Myths and Legends  Spelling Week of 4/20/15

Mrs. O'Leary Room 321/Special Ed/Pull Out   Email:
Mrs. Dawczak Room 208/Fifth Grade Science Email:
Mrs. Pilas Room 209/Fifth Grade Social Studies  Email:
Mrs. O'Halloran

Room 211/Fifth Grade Math        Email:    Mrs. O'Halloran's Homework Blog

Mrs. Gray Room 213/Fourth Grade  Email:        4th Grade Website      
Mrs.Murphy Room 210/Fourth Grade  Email:        4th Grade Website
Ms. Weine Room 212/Fourth Grade  Email:         4th Grade Website
Ms. Urban Room 205/Third Grade  Email:       3rd Grade Weekly Newsletter
Mrs. Doyle Room 206/Third Grade  Email:           3rd Grade Weekly Newsletter
Mrs. Rhodes Room 207/Third Grade  Email:        3rd Grade Weekly Newsletter
Mrs. Anderson Room 110/Second Grade  Email:
Ms.Budeyskaya Room 113/Second Grade  Email:
Ms. Power Room 212/Second Grade  Email:
Mrs. Navarro Room 102/First Grade  Email:
Mrs. Lynch Room 104/First Grade  Email:
Mrs. Cahill Room 106/First Grade  Email:
Mrs. Radomski Room 109/Kindergarten  Email:
Mrs. Acosta

Room 107/Kindergarten  Email:

 Mrs. Sullivan  Room 108/Kindergarten  Email:

 Ancillary Staff

Mr. Dore Gym/Physical Education  Email:
Mr. Chiarito Gym/Physical Education  Email: 
Ms. Iverson Library  Email:
Mr. McCormick Room 323/Lab/Computer Teacher/Tech Coordinator  Email
Mrs. Schwerha

Room 328/Art - Email:

 Speech/Learning Behavior Specialist/Bilingual

Mrs. Quinn Room 013/Speech Pathologist  Email:
Ms. Tracy Room 203 /Learning Behavior Specialist Email:       3rd Grade Weekly Newsletter
Mrs. McCormick Room 319/Learning Behavior Specialist  Email:
Mrs. Muhs

Room 315/Learning Behavior Specialist Email:

Ms. Hicks Room 321/Learning Behavior Specialist 4, 5 & 6   Email:   Ms. Hicks' Homework Blog
Andrea Rincon Room 240/ELL  Email:
Mrs. Staszel Room 240/ELL  Email:

Ms. O'Brien

Room 201/Learning Behavior Specialist                                      Email:


Mrs. O'Connor/State PreK blended Room 109  Email:
Mrs. Rodriguez/ State PreK

Room  109  Email:                    

Mrs. Mancini Room 111/ESCE  Email:

 School Assistants

Mrs. Farinella  Ms. Downs
Mrs. Martin  Ms. Hernandez
Mrs. Kalis  Mrs. Miles
Mr. Loconsole  Ms. Gonzalez
Mrs. Rodriguez  Mrs. Devivo
Mrs. Buenrostro Resource/First Grade Teacher


Bus Assistants 

Ms. Moore Bus Assistant


Mrs. Soto  Security
Mrs. Cozzi  Security
Ms. Williams  Lunchroom Manager
Ms. Sykes  Lunchroom Attendant
Ms. Barragan  Lunchroom Attendant
Ms. Nunez  Lunchroom Attendant
Mr. Celis  Lunchroom Attendant

 Engineer/Custodial Staff

Mr. Doyle  Engineer
Mr. Daniels  Custodian
Ms. Palma  Custodian
Ms. Myra  Custodian
Ms. Nicole  Custodian